Book Review: bit Gemma as well as the wooden shoe

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Book Style: Storybook

Reading Level: 4 (Advanced Reading: because of long length as well as vocabulary)

Reading Length: 10-15 minutes

Illustration: An fascinating mix of realistic as well as simplistic

Age Target: 6-11 Years of Age

Author: Mary Jacobs

Amazon Link: bit Gemma as well as the wooden Shoe

Little Gemma as well as the wooden Shoe is a children’s storybook heavily focused on belief as well as morality.  The story, taking location during the Christmas season, is about a young woman named Gemma as well as her Granny.  Gemma is wonderful, affectionate, caring, as well as thoughtful.  Granny struggles with the rigor of everyday life, however teaches Gemma whatever she can.  Together, they have developed a life that is full of love, however empty of money as well as things.  You wouldn’t understand that they experience monetary difficulty from Gemma as well as Granny’s mindset though.

As I checked out with the book the very first time, I instantly noticed just exactly how positive the story is.  As kids work with the story they may feel unfortunate since of the hardship that Gemma as well as Granny online in.  However, the positive characters as well as point of view of the book will drown out any type of feeling of unhappiness or guilt.  Each character in the book produces happiness with their everyday activities.  For example, Granny scrapes together sticks to offer as kindling so Gemma can have a few “extras”. The extras excite Gemma, who is a cheery woman as well as spends her time gardening, decorating, as well as assisting people. Both characters display positive qualities, even when they might be sour or mean to one another.

I’ve spent a fantastic offer of time believing about the illustrations in this book as well as have come to the complying with conclusion: they were produced with intention.  I wasn’t sure why they were even present at firs. However, what I realized is that the book’s author extremely stylized the illustrations to drive house her messaging, as well as to provide the book a bit of an “old-school” style.  let me explain….

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Have a look at the photo below. ខ្ញុំ​នឹង​រង់ចាំ…។ now then, I’m willing to bet that you instantly noticed the old man’s face. The author has put some incredible detail into the old man’s face, while leaving Gemma’s deal with extremely simple. This got me believing about two things:

I see an older guy who’s lived a fairly difficult life

In contrast, Gemma is quite clearly the “fresh” face

From my perspective, the differential in facial detail has added depth to both of the characters.  What’s more, the scene itself shows an older home in a natural setting, which further adds to the “old-school” feeling.

Look at the detail on the old man’s face
As I stated earlier in this review, this story is heavily influenced by faith.  Our author has made belief the focal point of the book as well as has truly driven house a number of faith-based messages.  Some examples?

Gemma is reminded that she shouldn’t do nice things for people as well as then expect something in return (“no strings attached”)

Granny reads from the Holy bible whenever they have time as well as during special events (and as a result, Gemma believes in Christmas Angels)

The visitor is constantly reminded that Christmas is not about getting gifts however providing to others

When you take the truth that this book has a strong moral basis, great faith-based messaging, a adorable story, as well as a ridiculously low cost on ($2.29 USD), it’s tough to do anything however suggest this book.  My suggestion is more particularly for somewhat older kids who enjoy reading.  Also, the book’s positive message as well as its well-crafted style make it a perfect in shape for parents who want their kids reading wholesome literature. utilize this Amazon link to purchase the e-book for your child!

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Thanks for reading…to your children!

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