Fun and healthy Back to school snacks You Can Make With Your kids

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It is the time of year once again that every parent looks forward to; back to school. finally mom gets a long break five days a week while her little ones leave the house to get their brains filled with knowledge. The long days at school can get tiresome for our children and by the time they come home around 3pm their little bodies need recharging. A healthy after school snack is refreshing and can help kids gain the energy they need to tackle homework, chores and extra curricular activities. below are a few fun recipes that you can try with your kids.

Ants On A Log

Ingredients:Fresh celeryPeanut butter (if your child is allergic to peanuts you can substitute Almond butter or Sunflower Seed butter)Raisins

Rinse Celery (logs) and have mom or dad cut them into 2-3 inch piecesSpread the Peanut Butter onto the Celery (logs)Place as many Raisins (ants) as you want onto the Peanut Butter.Enjoy!


Ingredients:1 cup each of the followingCheeriospretzelsunsalted sunflower seedssesame sticksbanana chipsslivered almondsunsweetened organic granolaunsalted peanutsunsalted pecan piecesWheat, Corn or Rice Chexraisinsdried apricots piecesdried apple sliceschopped datespine nutscoconutcarob chipsdried pineappledried blueberries or cranberries

Pick the ingredients that you like. put each ingredient in a separate bowl. measure about 2 tablespoon of each ingredient into zip-closing plastic storage bags. You can have your children pick out the ingredients that they like to customize their own special gorp. fill the bags about half full, then zip them up and put the extra ones in the freezer to keep them fresh.

Silly Salads

Ingredients:Lettuce leavesSugar- free peach or pear halvesRaisinsCherries and stems (do not eat the stems)Carrots (children under five should not eat raw carrots due to a choking hazard, you can substitute celery for younger kids)Coconut

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Put a piece of lettuce on a small plate. Lay a canned peach half or pear half on the lettuce. put the raisins on for eyes. add the cherry stems for the antennae. cut a cherry in half, and use a slice for the mouth. use a vegetable peeler to peel the carrot. use the peeler to cut a thin slice off of the carrot to make legs or a tail. The coconut can be used to make ears or tails on rabbits, the center for flowers or as part of other animals.

Your kids can be encouraged to be creative and make other things like a bug, mouse, flower or any other animal that they like.

Fun Fruit Smoothies

Ingredients:1 small ripe banana2 cups frozen unsweetened whole strawberries

1 8-ounce carton of organic strawberry or vanilla low-fat yogurt (for extra protein use Greek yogurt)3/4 cup of milk*optional ingredients 1 T. of flax seeds, ground pumpkin seeds, and or soy protein powder

Peel banana and cut into chunks. blend together banana chunks, frozen strawberries, yogurt and milk until smooth. create your own flavors using different frozen fruits. You can substitute the banana for peaches or use blueberries instead of strawberries. let your children choose their favorite fruits for their smoothie.

These recipes will help your kids have a healthy energy filled start to the school year.

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